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This is a placeholder page for the Sunspot Solar System Model. The original pages originated with the National Solar Observatory, which has since moved from Sunspot, NM, to a new home in Boulder, CO. I am rebuilding the web site with original materials from the old pages. The new site will include a map to the model, pages on the planets; a quick video tour of the model; and printouts so you can make your own planet ornaments on ordinary craft materials.

The model was designed at a scale of 1:250 million by placing the Sun at the Sunspot Solar Observatory (where I used to work when I built the model) and the orbit of Neptune at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo (where I now work). Signs along the Sunspot Scenic Highway, NM 6563, mark the orbits of the planets as you get closer to the Sun, an 18-ft geodesic dome at the Sunspot Astronomy and Visitors Center.

This made it the largest community solar system model in the Western U.S., and No. 6 in the world. (A few years ago; I need to recheck this.)

(Yes; Pluto is included.)

The Visitor Center includes models of the planets to scale, plus graphics that take you from the center of the Sun to the edge of the universe.

This is a work in progress. Contact me at deesqrd (replace this bit of info with the at symbol) Notice to SEO spammers and other fraudsters: Don't waste the electrons.

Dave Dooling

High Rolls, NM (formerly Sunspot, NM, and Huntsville, AL)


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